Duas for Marriage

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem – In the name of Allah, most Gracious and Most Merciful

Inshallah please recite the following for 41 days with intention/neet for marriage

Surah 33 Al Ahzab every day

Surah 60 Al Mumtahinah x5 daily

Surah 20 Ta’Ha – blow on glass of water and drink

Surah Muzammil every day for  41 days & pray for marriage

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  • Assalamu alaikum
    I am mother of daughters, of marriage age. Due to some reason dontget proposals for them. Dont understand its due to black magic orfate.
    As a parent what can I do.
    Please help me

  • Assalamu alaikum,
    I have 25 years old daughter. She is an engineer working but do not get proposals. The main issue is her weight as she is little overweight.
    Please as parent recommend me duas to be read for her marriage.
    Waiting for ur reply

    • tallat

      wa laikum as salaam

      in sha Allah give your daughter fresh lemon in warm water and 1 teaspoon of raw unblended honey to drink after fajr every day this will help her with her weight. Also the same two hours before eating in the evening

      In sha Allah recite the duas on the page and keep reciting them

      in sha Allah recite allahumma inni as ‘aluka al afiyah x500 every day

      in sha Allah ensure that all the family keep their salahs on time and read quran every day

      in sha Allah recite surah baqarah out loud in the house every day

  • zeba

    Assalamu alaikum warahamathullahi wabarkathahu

    May God bless you for your good work

    I lost my father when I was 12 years old I saw tough time and my mother supported me and my sisters and brothers to get higher education even after many of our relatives were against this. Now My sister and I are almost 38 & 37 years old but no suitable matches have been found for us. My mother was working when it is needed now she is busy with namaz and Quran only and my brothers are younger than us and they are busy for doing their studies. we are very helpless as all the persons who are connected with us declared that we can not get married. I dont know how to get rid of this situation as it become more and more problematic. More over after getting higher education we do not have good jobs. we are struggling very hard to become settle but no ways found to escape this situation. Due to my job I am able to offer namaz for fajar and Esha. If I left Job we will not get food for myself and my family. what should I do now.

  • marem

    mornings and evenings to read Bakara.
    also mornings and evenings read sura Taha into 5 l warm water and 7 times dua Manzil and 7 times ayats agaisnt sihr..(both in internet)
    drink 1 glass and wash with rest. Dont dry!

    Rub the same oive oil after bath.

    in 6 months you will be healthy inshaallah. If you want faster, do it 3 times dayly.

  • Assalam Alaikom,
    I am getting married next month Insha Allah
    And out of country !
    I need this marriage to be easy n not give me
    What surahs do I read or listen to ?

    • tallat

      wa laikum as salaam

      in sha Allah read whole quran with meaning as many times as possible – for every ayat in arabic immediately read the translation

      in sha Allah do istikharah and ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala for help

  • Nida

    Asslamu alaikum,
    Me and this boy like each other and want to get married to avoid committing zina. We are both Muslim only difference is he is from India and I am from Pakistan. I told my parents and they agreed to our marriage, however his parents are not agreeing, they refuse to even meet me. I am 3 years older than him, so they say they cannot accept the age difference and have a problem with me being from Pakistan. Khadijah (r) was older than the prophet (s) and I feel like husband parents are being so unreasonable to refuse our marriage. They have threatened to cut him off and we are both stuck and really want to get married.

    Please advise what we should do, jazakallah.

  • Farath

    Assalamu alaikum wrahamathullahi wabarkathahu….
    Brother guide me…i want to marry a person whome i like so much but not in a wrong way…with the blessing of allah and with the permission of both families (From my side and his side too) . he really will to marry me but some of the personal and family issues he was stepping back and ask me to get marry someone else and settle in life.More over from my side no allaince has set to me am 29 yrs. old…what should i do…Guide me brother. we both really willing to marry (Nikkah) each other in a right way but situation and issues. we don’t want to go against from our families decision at the same time we want to get marry (Nikkah) with their permission and blessing…Almost our ages are going…Guide us brother….Jazakallahu khair

    • tallat

      wa laikum as salaam

      In sha Allah both of you should do istikharah for 7 days and ask sincerely Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala for his help before doing this in sha allah fast for three days before

  • Zarah


    I did not realize this page, I work everyday for 40 hours and i’m 25 and still unable to get married I have education and job that are ok. Also, so many ullama make dua for my marriage but still unable to get married. Do you have smaller dua i don’t have enough time for all of these 🙁

  • assalamu alaikum bhai, malso sufferig from black magic on mee,every molanas said that some of my relatives had done black majic on mee.. but i cant get permannent solution.. my age is 33 still m not getting married..and i alwayz surround by many of dieases. i have kidney stone i have skin diease etc.. i have lots of problems,plz give me some rright suggestion..

  • Leyla

    I also wanted to know if someone suspects that they are suffering from an evil eye what to do.
    Jazakallah khair..

  • Leyla

    Asalamu aleykum
    I’m 43 year old women I’ve been never married. I’ve wanted to get married for long time now and for some reason is not happening I don’t know why that is. I pray to Allah that to help me to find the right man for me. I don’t know if I’m doing it right or if there is something is stoping me such as Jin, evil eye, etc. I don’t also have friends, I’m very friendly out going person and yet I’m all alone, which I find it very strange.. My skin gets really dry sometimes and I feel needles and pins in parts of my body.

  • Hannah

    AssalamuAlaykum Brother

    I want to get married to a good person who has a good job in our native country, what can I recite for to get husband with a good job in native country? There are many men with jobs in other countries,after marriage they leave their wives with their parents(husband’s) and go back to their jobs in other countries. I don’t want such situations to happen to me.Please provide me a dua to get married to a person who has job in native country.

  • ayoosh

    I am 24yrs girl I wanted to get married but black magic has been done to me for not getting married and my studies I am worried help me wit prayers thanx.

  • Assalam waleikum brother .
    This is mumtaz . brother i was completed 41days course . three months is completed . i am so worried about my marriage. Only two proposal is came . one is rejected me and second is they are agreed to marry with me. But now they didn’t say anything to my parents and not contact with my parents. When i was completed my 41days course for marriage. Next day suddenly one proposal is came to see my Didi daughter then my Didi daughter marriage is fixed . i was shock because i read surah Al Ahzab every day and surah Al mumtahinah *5daily.and surah Taha blow on glass of water and i drink and surah muzammil every day for 41 days and i pray to Allah for my marriage. But without my Didi daughter read suddenly she get marriage. So please please brother help me what i will do .which dua i will read . i am so worried about my marriage .please help me.give me solution. Daily i reading Qur’an.

  • Mohamma Ali

    As Slam Mu Alai Kum Wa Rah Matul Lar He Wa Barr Ka Tuh

    Dear Brother
    I’m Muhammad ALi From Myanmar Country,Yangon.

    In my life I have tried to join with good Intentio many girls are rejected to my marriage Offer.The worst thing is When I love a girl to offer she is rejected and in my job ,in my family always problem are arised. I dont known why ……….Brother……..

    I trying to recite every morning Surah Yaseen and Muzzamil and Rahman…Mamzil…..

    Please advice me back
    Muhammad ALi

  • Aynah

    assalamu alaykum, what to do if i am unable to recite during period time because of getting sick on those days ? please tell what to do, I become severely sick for about 4 days.

    • tallat

      wa laikum as salaam

      Just recite what you remember ayat al kursi (as many tasbeehs) and La ilaha illal-lah wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahu-l-mulku wa lahu-l-hamdu wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir and Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kullay Zambin Wa Atoobo ilaihe and La ilaha illal lah also Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi, Subhan-Allahil-Azim (as many tasbeehs of these all day and before sleeping) as well as darood as much as possible

  • Farath

    Assalamu alaikum warahamathullahi wabarkathahu,
    my name is farath my problem is exactly wat sister karishma sayyed told on 24th oct.2015 i already done isthikira for 3 days continiously after isha salah. kindly guide me .JAZAKALLAH KHAIR

    • tallat

      wa laikum as salaam

      Insha’Allah recite the duas for 41 days with neet for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to help you – try to memorise them so during your periods you can still recite by memory – if not at least memorise surah muzammil and recite x7 every day during your periods

  • marem

    sura TAha read in the water and wash 41 days or 90. or last ayats from Wala tamudana ainaika…..7 times if you have woman days. do it without break 41 or 90 days and read sura Bakara.
    Against magic you should add for wash/water per 7 times Fatiha, Kursi, 3 last surah. It is against all djinns and negativ. BUT WASH without break and drink it..

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